Atlantic Basin Conference on Chemistry, 13-16 December 2022 | Marrakech,


Topics: Medicinal ChemistryGreen ChemistryMaterials ScienceChemical EducationKeywords: see below

Date: /13/14/15/16/ December 2022, Marrakech, Morocco, Africa

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Chemical societies across North and South America, Europe, and Africa invited chemistry professionals to the inaugural ABCChem Conference. This event offered an opportunity for top scientists from around the Atlantic Basin region to share ideas and collaborate on current multi-disciplinary chemistry topics.


General Papers (Analytical, Biological, Inorganic, Organic, Physical)

TOPIC AREA: Chemistry, Biology & Health

The Many Faces of Polyphenolic Compounds
Drug Discovery for Neglected Tropical Diseases

TOPIC AREA: Green Chemistry

Sustainable Path for the Chemicals & Materials Sectors
Towards a Global Community of Transformation in Green Chemistry Education
Cutting-Edge Processing Technologies to Support Regional Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Challenges & Opportunities

TOPIC AREA: Materials & Nano

Fly Ash Cenospheres: A Smart material & its High End Applications
Materials for H2-based Electrochemical Energy Conversion: Fundamentals to Manufacturing
Materials for Lithium (and post-lithium) Ion Batteries in the Atlantic Basin
Catalytic Materials for Hydrogen Production & Storage
Innovative Materials for Energy & Health
Nanotechnology & Agriculture: A Path to Global Food Security

TOPIC AREA: Education & Science Communications

The Convergence between AI & Science Education
Regional Cooperation in Chemistry in Asia
Innovations in Chemical Education Across the Atlantic Basin
Scholarly Science Communication & Public Outreach Efforts: Best Practices & Case Studies.

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